Dot Peen Marking Machines
Dot Peen Marking Machines
Dot Peen Marking Machines

Dot Peen Marking Machines

    What is dot peen marking machines?

    Dot peen marking machines use a technology that aims to identify a product or a category of products by marking the product surfaces with alphanumeric characters or drawings. These machines are electronically controlled and are based on a metal punch that conducts with high-frequency vibrations. These vibrations of the metal punch produce a succession of micro-points on the product surface, which, when controlled systematically, fabricate the markings.
    Dot marking technology also called dot peen marking, stylus pin system or micro-percussion marking consists in indenting series of dots into materials to form human readable alphanumeric identification, logos and 2D Data Matrix codes.
    Our systems are well known in the aerospace industry for extremely high quality of marks but also appreciated by many other industrial customers for their robustness and reliability.
    The dot peen marking technology responds to varying customer requirements. It may be controlled or vibrated micro-dot marking. What makes it a multipurpose technology is its characteristics of speed and depth. This technology can be used on multiple material surfaces by its speed and depth, including burnished wood, glass, ceramics, silicon, and aluminum.

  • What are the various types of dot peen marking machines?

    Types of dot peen marking machines provided by AMTC –
    Marktronic 3000 Multidot
    It is a fully programmable electromagnetic marking machine with a rigid column and high accuracy.
    Markmate Pneumatic
    It is a fully programmable dot marking machine with high configurability. It is used in industrial environments where the highest quality is required for demanding applications.
    It is an exceptional user-friendly dot marking machine with high marking quality.
    Porta Dot 130-30
    It is a portable dot marking machine that is highly essential for unmovable or less easily movable parts of a product.

    Advantages of dot peen marking machines:

    High efficiency
    It takes comparatively less time to finish the markings, and also, the markings are apparent. This means that the productivity rate is higher with fast speed and quality markings.
    The control unit is easy to use with clear visibility of what is supposed to be marked on the screen.
    The markings can be conducted on a wide range of surfaces with varied material hardness, shapes, and sizes.
    Low cost
    Low acquisition cost and the cost is further lowered due to the absence of the consumables required in other technologies.
    Every step is conducted by the machine on its own. No other external mechanism is necessary, like using a computer while creating files or controlling them.
    No maintenance time consumed.
    There is no requirement for further maintenance or servicing of the final products. Once the marking job is done and delivered, the process ends there.

    Direct marking is possible on all metallic and plastic parts with flat or cylindrical surface. Dot peen marking machine is used for coding and identification of industrial parts. Dot peen marking also called as stylus pin system consists in indenting series of dots. Dot peen marking machine is used to mark logos and 2D Data Matrix codes. Dot Peen marking machine is used in Industrial application to apply a permanent identification mark on product or component.

    For extremely high quality of marking our systems are used in the Aerospace.

    Various marking depth can be achieved on flat or uneven surfaces.

    Portable Dot Marking machines are used when parts to be marked cannot be easily movable because of large dimensions or weight.

    Bench-top mounted stylus pin marking machine is suitable for marking on small to medium size components.

    Integrated dot peen marking machines are used for direct marking on all metallic and plastic parts, whatever the shape or surface finish.

    Scribing marking machines are used for high quality continuous line marking with very low noise level operations. Heavy duty models are suitable for VIN (Vehicle Identification) Marking – with reliable indent and deep permanent marks.

    Dot Peen marking or engraving allows manufacturers for deep and permanent impressions in a variety of materials for identification and traceability. This process involves carbide or tungsten carbide pin which directly impacts a material to create a mark.

    With help of programming dot peen marking machine can mark both human and machine-readable information such as,

    1)Date / Time

    2)Part serialization


    4)2D Data Matrix bar code

    Benefits of Dot Peen Marking Machine

    Unlike traditional marking processes like hand stamping or punch and die, automated dot peen marking is used for high-speed marking and deep, permanent engraving.

    Asian Machine Tool Corporation Pvt. Ltd. marking machines make critical identifying information remain on your product, for the life of that product.

    Electric or Pneumatic Options

    Pneumatic Dot Peen Marking Machines require the use of compressed air to move the stylus and create a mark.

    Single pin is used to mark materials with some specific information. Which creates deep marking.

    Dot peen marking or engraving machine is used for high quality marks on the product consistently and quickly. Marks are fast and error free. Eliminating need for rework, scrap or testing due to improper product identification.

    Adjustable marking depth for light or deep marks. Dot peen marking machines are flexible and programmable for fully automated marking. Quality of marking can be controlled by adjusting air pressure, dot spacing and clearance between the pin and the part.

    Using dot peen marking machine can increase production throughput and reallocate valuable labour resources.

    With help of pneumatic markers, a very short cycle time is required for best marking.

    Direct part marking machines are used for Data Matrix code marking.

    Dot Peen Engraving Machine

    Dot peen engraving machine is an electromechanical device used in a direct part marking process. The device uses stylus and pin-tip to create marks on metal material. The stylus pin is made of sturdy material like carbide.

    The movement of stylus is based on a program entered the control system of the machine. This machine can create two dimensional designs on the metal surface.

    Dot peen marking machines are available as handheld and portable models, which gives customer more flexible solution.

    Advantages of dot peen marking machine over other direct part marking methods: -

    1) High speed and accuracy

    2) Cost-Effective

    3) Reduced use of consumables

    4) Range of Applications

    5) High Performance

    Dot Peen Marking vs. Hand Stamping

    Hand stamping is a manual method of stamping which creates sign on metal using a steel die and hammer. This process rely on human process. It is generally error-prone and can involve accidents if insufficient caution is employed.

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