Laser Marking Machines
Laser Marking Machines
Laser Marking Machines

Laser Marking Machines

    What is the laser marking machines?

    Laser marking technology is a permanent marking process that uses a laser beam comprising concentrated light to create a permanent mark on an industrial product surface. This is a focused beam of light that changes the material's properties and appearance when interacting with the material surface. This, when controlled, produces the desired set of markings on the surface. Since the beam targets only a specified area, it produces high quality, precise and high contrast markings. Hence, it is used for critical applications where accuracy and permanency are the only choices.
    Pulsed fibre laser can permanently mark a wide range of materials such as carbide, titanium, stainless steel, aluminium, plastics, (…). offers the most advanced pulsed fibre laser marking product line available.
    It is ideally performed with fiber, pulsed, continuous-wave, and green or UV laser machines. Laser markings hold a wide range of applications on different material surfaces and different industrial sectors. The materials may vary from steel, titanium, aluminum, copper, ceramic, plastic, glass, wood, paper to cardboard. But the effect is always of high quality.

    What is the most essential type of laser marking machine and its benefits?

    Fiber Laser Marking Machine is a virtual laser marking machine. It is a table-mounted, fully programmable laser marking machine. It is easy to use, gives highly aggressive markings on metals, and produces high-quality marks.

    Benefits of laser marking machines:

    Non-contact process:
    It means that the laser beam does not touch the product's surface area. Therefore, it further implies that there is less possibility of product material damages.
    Do not scrap the material:
    Unlike other procedures, laser marking machines do not affect the material. It only heats up the area and produces color changing, which causes the markings.
    High efficiency:
    High rate of accuracy, preciseness, and high-quality markings that is eye-catchy and readable, make this machine a desirable one in the intended industry.
    It can be used on a wide variety of surfaces irrespective of their hardness, shapes, and sized. This technique is also influential among varied industries like the semiconductor industry, aerospace industry, automotive industry, medical industry, or locomotive industry.
    No maintenance time consumed:
    Once the markings are done, the process ends there. When the final products are delivered, they are suitable to be forgotten as there is no further maintenance required.
    No use of consumables:
    Fiber lasers do not use consumables. Hence, it advantageous over others.
    Safe process:
    The process is safe both for the workers at the manufacturing end and the consumers. They are indulging in the final products.
    Eco friendly:
    Due to the absence of the usage of chemicals or inks, this process is entirely eco-friendly and also uses less electrical energy.

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